2020 The Year That Broke..

To say that we are living in unprecedented times feels like an understatement. 2020 has really been a year to remember. Covid-19 has created many opportunities as well as seen different industries and individiuals across the world respond in different ways.

One of the responses we’ve seen to how people are approaching this period of isolation and uncertainty is in huge overnight changes to their shopping behaviors. Supermarkets were emptied with bulk-buying/panic-buying to online shopping, people are changing what they’re buying, when, and how.

As more cities are going under lockdowns and slowly coming out of it, nonessential businesses are being ordered to close and many are having to close down permanently due to the nature of their business, and customers are generally avoiding public places. Limiting shopping for all but necessary essentials is becoming a new normal. Brands are having to adapt and be flexible to meet changing needs.

Established businesses across the board had to break the mould of how to reach their consumers. These ‘behemoths’ now face the decision to be labeled as ‘dinosaurs’ or to embrace the technology of e-commerce and meet the new challenges head on and keep their customers. Yes 2020 is the year that broke through to these businesses.

So which are you a Dinosaur or a TechnoWiz? Read on!

Dinosaur or TechnoWiz?

Just as Digital Marketing was frowned upon by some well-established businesses who also didn’t understand the concept of working from home is going to be more productive, have had to learn it the hard way. But hey, at least they have learned and are now entering as TechnoWiz businesses.

It has taken a pandemic to rise from the almost ashes for some of these businesses as consumers turn to e-commerce and online buying for all their essentials.

However, there is a caution here as well. Research shows that consumers are prioritizing what they buy. The winning categories are healthcare, daily essentials such as food, grocery items and medication. So if you are in these industries and are losing customers because you have no online, no e-Commerce store presence you need to get online, get e-Commerce up and running for your company asap!

Schools have already commenced online learning using Learning Management Tools and Software. Fitness instructors are going online to conduct classes. Music lessons are being done online, why not you and your business? Don’t know how to get on the ecommerce bandwagon? Perhaps a half-decent advertising agency with experience in web design and development and e-Commerce as well as digital marketing and branding may be able to help you address this problem. I wonder if you know of one? We may…

There are rallying calls to support segments. What segments and who do you support? Read on.

Who Do You Support?

As expected though the sad truth is the first to feel the pinch of closure are Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME’s) and in case you didn’t know the home-based businesses too are included (please support these businesses as much as you can, the giants have the capital to survive, these guys don’t).

Many of these home-based businesses are getting on board the e-Commerce train asap, faster than the ageing dino (perhaps they believe their capital is good enough to see them through and it probably will)! but what about the rest of us? E-Commerce and digital marketing has helped many businesses to stay afloat, grow and reach an even larger consumer base. The convenience of not having to go out and get infected and then dying is compelling isn’t it? Yes, shoppers are buying online and getting these items delivered right to their doorstep and pay by cash or better yet starting to go contactless by paying online using a payment gateway on the e-Commerce website.

Restaurants from 5-star hotels down to the little shop on the corner are selling their meals via e-Commerce platforms, UberEats, PickMe and other delivery services which is amazing, and goes to show the power of digital, internet, and eCommerce if you choose to embrace, learn and evolve.

So should you get an e-Commerce website or not? Read on.

E-Commerce or bust?

So if you have not got on the e-Commerce bandwagon, then its about time you did right? Get your website designed, make it user friendly with some good UX/UI designers (we may know a few) optimise it to be found on search engines such as Google using SEO (again we may know a few SEO people), make your website e-Commerce ready (yes we know some of these people to perhaps we should connect/have a chat?), redesign your branding such as your logo market it online and offline using digital marketing and social media marketing and perhaps if you’re really up for it make an app for the mobile device as well and really burst into the digital age!

Why? Bottom line, you show your loyalty to your customers and they will reward you with theirs. You give them convenience, you win them. e-Commerce websites and apps do just that.

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“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.”

A positive from Covid-19: Online shopping is the future and if you didn’t know it then, you better know it now, why? Can anyone show me a real-life, living T-Rex? He didn’t/couldn’t adapt (no need to debate this, he isn’t to be found on this planet ok?!) What will you do for yourself, your business, and your future?


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